Stephen Buchanan


20's - 30's Chatty, engaging, comedic Scottish voice. Melodic Glaswegian with a charming, upbeat delivery. 

Stephen is an exciting up-and-coming comedian, and recipient of the 2018 BBC New Comedy Award. 

He has appeared on JONANTHAN ROSS' COMEDY CLUB for ITV, THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK for CBBC, QUEEN OF THE NEW YEAR  for BBC Scotland, DIY PUNDIT for BT Sport, and is a regular face on SPARKS for Channel 4. His series of comedy shorts COOKING IN A CRISIS for BBC Scotland was a lockdown favourite in 2020

Radio work includes THE NOW SHOW for BBC Radio 4, BREAKING THE NEW for BBC Radio Scotland, as well as a BBC Radio 4 stand up special TALKING SHOP.

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