Rupert Simonian


20's-30's Rich texture combined with youthful energy, highly experienced and versatile. Natural soft London, but equally comfortable in American/Canadian and character voices. 

Rupert is an experienced actor and voice artist, with numerous film and television credits including PETER PAN, THE CONSTANT GARDENER, ASHES TO ASHES, APPROPRIATE ADULT, HIDDEN, X COMPANY, INSTRUMENT OF WAR and STILL HERE. 

He has voiced a number of radio dramas, as well as audiobooks including CALVIN and THE TABACONIST. Rupert can currently be heard in the leading role of Best in the new Nickelodeon animated series BEST & BESTER. 

SKU: Simonian TAGS: 20s, 30s, Animation, Accent - London, Accent - Neutral, Accent - RP, Accent - American, Bold, Commercial, Character, Comedic, Charming, Corporate, Clear, Contemporary, Cool, Confident, Conversational, Deep, Dramatic, Down to earth, Engaging, Expressive, Everyman, Earnest, Friendly, Honest, Intelligent, Masculine, Natural, Narration, Playful, Quirky, Rich, Relatable, Relaxed, Sincere, Strong, Smooth, Trustworthy, Upbeat, Versatile, Vibrant, Warm, Wit, Youthful

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