Toyah Willcox


50 - 60s - A dynamo and a firecracker! Distinctive, bright, characterful voice with boundless energy and charm. Excellent for character work as well as narration. Soft Midlands accent.

Toyah is an actress and musician. Between touring she has carved a successful television and film career. She is probably best known for QUADROPHENIA and also narrating the much loved children's series BRUM.

SKU: Willcox TAGS: Character, Narration, Commercial, Bright, Charming, Relatable, Warm, Friendly, Versatile, 50s, Accent - Neutral, Accent - Midlands, Conversational, Expressive, Honest, Iconic, Intelligent, Mellow, Natural, Playful, Smooth, Soft, Vibrant, Well-spoken, 60s

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