Arnold Oceng


30s - Confident, Engaging and Clear. Arnold has a youthful, down-to-earth voice with a London accent.

Arnold is best known for starring in feature film THE GOOD LIE alongside Reese Witherspoon. Further credits include Henry in BROTHERHOOD, Charles in A UNITED KINGDOM and Leon in BBC's AGE BEFORE BEAUTY and most recently DARK MONEY. Other film credits include PAYBACK SEASON and MY BROTHER THE DEVIL. Commercial voiceover work includes Apple and Hellmans. 

SKU: Oceng TAGS: Commercial, Narration, Youthful, Natural, Relatable, Strong, Masculine, Accent - London, Cool, Contemporary, Animated, Bright, Bold, Charming, Conversational, Edgy, Expressive, Fresh, Accent - US, Playful, Relaxed, Smooth, Tough, 30s

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