Arnold Oceng


20s - Confident, Engaging and Clear. Arnold has a youthful, down-to-earth voice with a London accent.

Arnold is best known for starring in feature film THE GOOD LIE alongside Reese Witherspoon. Further credits include Henry in BROTHERHOOD, Charles in A UNITED KINGDOM and Leon in BBC's AGE BEFORE BEAUTY. Other film credits include PAYBACK SEASON and MY BROTHER THE DEVIL. Arnold has also voiced for Apple.

SKU: Oceng TAGS: Commercial, Narration, Urban, Youthful, Natural, Relatable, Strong, Masculine, 20s, Accent - London, Cool, Contemporary, Animated, Bright, Bold, Charming, Conversational, Edgy, Expressive, Fresh, Accent - US, Playful, Relaxed, Smooth, Tough

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