Grainne Maguire


20 - 30s Warm, Soft Southern Irish

Bright and engaging whilst remaining friendly and warm, with a soft southern Irish accent. 

Grainne is a highly experienced stand up comedian, actress and political commentator. She has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with her shows 'We Need to Talk About Bonnets' , 'Where Are All The Fun Places And Are Lots of People There Having More Fun?' and 'GrĂ¡inne Maguire: Great People Making Great Choices'. Grainne wrote and starred in BBC Radio 4 sitcom '28 Dates Later'. She has also appeared on 'Question Time', 'The Daily Politics' and the BBC election documentary '60 Years of Swing'. 

'Question Time' 'Edinburgh Fringe Festival' '28 Dates Later'

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